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Fripp Design and Research have the capability to prototype pretty much anything, large or small and in most materials using various technologies, including our own.

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"Fripp Design and Research are recognised as world experts in the use of 3D Print technologies; where we hold a number of patents"


"Fripp Design and Research are helping to revolutionise the world of 3D Printing with the introduction of PicsimaTM, the worlds first true multi material 3D Print technology"

Rapid prototyping is an area that Fripp Design and Research's designers are experts in; particularly in choosing the right technology for the right application

We strive to use the latest prototyping methods, materials and technologies to ensure the best route is taken to develop your concept design even down to using the latest analysis and repair software to prepare the file for any technique. Prototyping should be used as a means to demonstrate and prove aspects of a concept that cannot be tested by any means other than building it and testing it and therefore it is essential that the design, the materials and the techniques are considered for optimum prototyping performance.

3D printing or additive manufacture is an area of prototyping and in some cases manufacture that seeks to reduce the manufacture time and if needed increase the complexity of each single component in an effort to quicken the time to market and streamline the product design and product development process.  In some cases it complements the development and in other products it is suitable for the manufacture itself; it is not always appropriate to use this technology as the materials are limited, the build times can be slow and the finishes can be poor.  However, in some cases it is the quickest, most cost effective way to complete a product development or bring a competitive advantage to the final product.

Complementing our extensive prototyping services is a service we refer to as 'First Stage Prototyping'. By 'First Stage Prototyping' we mean the creation of 3D rendered images of the product, inserted into real world scenarios. This allows our clients' stakeholders to understand the potential of the product design in development. It significantly reduces the time and cost to get your product idea in a format which is as close to the real thing as can be. Click here to see examples of our 3D Rendering capabilities.

Fripp Design and Research have established an excellent reputation and continue to invest in promoting and pushing the boundaries of additive manufacture and we see it as taking on an increasing role in the future of product development. Our commitment to the world of additive manufacture and 3D Printing is best exemplified through the work we have done with the Wellcome Trust and Manchester Metropolitan University; as well as our recent announcement of the development of our own 3D Print technology PicsimaTM, the worlds first 3D Printer capable of 3D Printing cross linked polymers such as Silicone, Epoxy Resin and Acrylic.