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Smashii Rucksack.

Fripp Design and Research were approached by Smashii to develop a 3D model of a production ready design for the Smashii 65/15 rucksack.

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Smashii are a specialist outdoor and travel accessory start up that uses its broad experience of world travel to identify areas for the leisure and travel industry and develop products to suit the markets needs.

The 65/15 rucksack consists of two bags; the main 65L capacity rucksack and also a smaller 15L day bag.  The 15L bag allows you to take the essentials you need for the day and leave the 65 litre bag in the hostel in the knowledge that it is safe.  The 65/15 bag has many novel safety features that mean it is incredibly difficult for potential thieves to get into the bags and steal the contents (a major concern for travellers when local opportunists know hostels will be full of the possessions of foreign travellers).  The two bags combine to form the 65/15, hence the branding, a new solution for safety conscious gap year students.

Fripp Design and research took the concept from 2D illustration graphics into the 3D world with the aid of 3D CAD modelling and also photorealistic renders.  The main use of the model was to allow Smashii to approach potential manufacturers, along with some real life rucksacks, and communicate what materials and what features they would like where and to be able to show examples.  Although the client requested a basic, block model, Fripp Design + Research went the whole mile by creating a very detailed depiction to ensure the communication was easy with the manufacturing team, all on time and on budget for the client.