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Site Tools.

Site Tools are providers of innovative products for the construction and DIY market.

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The company approached Fripp Design and Research to design a new type of vice for use on construction sites. Sitevice solves the problem every building site and domestic DIY enthusiast has encountered; the need to safely and securely hold awkwardly shaped objects during cutting. It is apparent that the need to get a job done quickly and move onto the next one is paramount on building sites. Nobody wants to have construction site workers waiting for an awkward job to be completed or worse; accidents to happen as they complete jobs quicker but with less caution.

Sitevice is a vice that can be used on construction sites (or anywhere where employees and DIY enthusiast need to cut anything). Sitevice is portable and can be used to carry objects; which means Sitevice can be used as a guide when trying to join two pieces of piping where conditions are very muddy and hands are likely to slip.

Not only can Sitevice secure irregular shaped objects for cutting, it also includes a guide rail ensuring that the cut is both safe and straight. There are foot holders to allow operators to hold the Sitevice secure whilst cutting and, if required, there are screw holders to secure Sitevice to a fixed object too.