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Wave Cycle - Kayak Design.

In the UK alone over 1.5 million people enjoy kayaking. Its leisurely pace can be enjoyed by many, however the need to paddle, often vigorously, means that the leisurely side to kayaking is not as relaxing as it could be.

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Shaun Scott, an inventor and avid participant in kayaking, devised a new type of kayak aimed specifically at individuals who wish to enjoy the sport in a more laid back fashion called the "Wave Cycle".  The Wave Cycle is a kayak with extra features including a peddle driven propeller and hand controlled rudder as well as a small pop-up sail and protective canopy. 

Shaun approached Fripp Design and Research to develop the Wave Cycle through to a design to attract on going investment.

Using modern 3D CAD, Fripp Desiign and Research created a virtual model of Shaun's vision.  By sending interim CAD models for client approval, the design intent remained on track and allowed for a swift development. The use of reverse engineering skills to turn "off the shelf" components into accurate 3D CAD files for inclusion in the design assembly, ensured that the bespoke design was fit for prototyping.  The design is currently in a prototype-ready CAD stage and will be moving forward with further developments soon.