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Rotary - Coil Spreader.

Sheffield based established manufacture of coil manufacturing equipment, Rotary Engineering UK Ltd understood that in their industry, change was needed

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The brief set out by Rotary from the start was to re-engineer their current range of machines and bring them in line with modern methods and up to date designs. Fripp Design and Research were ideally placed to deliver the project with much experience of re-engineering of established products (see and The client was clear from the start that was required was not just an update of the aesthetics but an improvement in its function and construction too, this was not just a simple repackaging exercise. Having an element of 3D design capability in house, the end result was to deliver a single machine fully redesigned along with a clear design language for Rotary to take and apply to the rest of the machines in their portfolio.

Work started with research, the foundations of any project.  In this instance it included several factory tours to allow the design team to get fully up to speed with Rotary's current machine list as well as hearing from the clients in the field who have been operating them for a number of years. Research was continued in order to understand what manufacturing options could now be applied and what "design language" Rotary wanted the new range of machines to have.

Once a design language was agreed, Fripp Design and Research used their extensive experience in the area of concept creation and development to explore a multitude of options.  Face to face meetings with the client were held throughout until a preferred concept was agreed. The value of 3D CAD then came into play, using Rotary's existing CAD model as a base, the Design team slowly and methodically redesigned and replaced each component with an updated variant that made best use of modern manufacturing techniques and adopted the new aesthetic language, of course some remained as they were deemed suitable and had proven reliable over the years.

Throughout the development process, new ways of making the machine stronger, more efficient and generally more effective were established and implemented.

Moving forward Fripp Design and Research have given Rotary the tools to allow them to take the fundamentals of this new machine across the full range of their offerings, we wish Rotary Engineering all the best with their new range in the future and look forward to seeing the new machines in action.