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Project GardenMate.

Project GardenMate is a fusion of wheelbarrow, wheelie bin and trolley designed to allow those who suffer with physical difficulties to enjoy gardening.

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One of the most popular leisure activities for the baby boomer generation is gardening. However for that generation; traditional gardening tools such as wheel barrows, buckets etc can be difficult to use. With age come ailments such as Osteoporosis and Arthritis; both of which can make gardening a chore rather than the pleasure it should be.

The challenge for Fripp Design and Research was to design a product which allowed anyone to enjoy their gardening; irrespective of their state of health.

Project GardenMate is a fusion of wheelbarrow, wheelie bin and trolley. It is designed on a similar principle to a golf trolley i.e. motion of the GardenMate is based around a single centre of gravity tipping point; negating the need to lift anything to move produce/garden waste etc from one place to another. Fripp Design and Research considers this to be the essential feature of the GardenMate; there is no lifting involved in manipulating the GardenMate at all; this is very important for those gardeners who suffer with physical difficulties.

Once establishing that the key function of Project GardenMate is to help gardeners move gardening produce/garden waste from one place to another; Fripp Design and Research looked at what other key features are required to help the gardener. These features include:

  •  The ability to use the GardenMate as a support to help gardeners to get up and down from the kneeling position
  •  The ability to use the GardenMate as a platform to work on potted plants etc
  •  Using the GardenMate to secure all gardening tools as the gardener moves round their garden
  •  Using the GardenMate as a bucket; without the need to have to hold awkward handles
  •  Using the GardenMate as watering accessory

In addition Project GardenMate has been designed to allow the up sale of a range of accessories such as:

  • Adding an optional hose reel
  • Adding a seeder
  • Adding a watering can (this accessory is included with the model)

From a distribution perspective; Project GardenMate is a modular construction which can be flat packed minimising the retail space occupied.