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PCT Automotive.

PCT Automotive approached Fripp Design and Research with an Industrial Design challenge; how to improve the design of a key component to enable their trade customers to more quickly fit their tow bars thus gaining a competitive advantage.

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PCT Automotive understand that the fitting of a tow bar takes time and, for their trade clients, time represents money. The company approached Fripp design and Research to see if we could redesign one of the key installation components to give them a competitive advantage.

What we did:

  • Designed and developed a simple yet major cost-saving fitting to replace a cage nut, allowing the fitment of tow bars to be undertaken more quickly
  • Carried out intensive research into the market to try and identify potential off the shelf solutions
  • Used concept development techniques to create multiple design solutions to the challenge set by the client
  • Developed the preferred concepts through to prototype to evaluate the effectiveness
  • Worked closely with the client and shared knowledge so we came to the ultimate design solution in a timely manner
  • Used 3D CAD to fully illustrate the component design to the client and potential manufacturing sub contractors

 The client is currently trialing the prototypes.