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Panel Systems UK.

Panel Systems Limited is a specialist manufacturer of structural composite panels which are used in a variety of construction & engineering applications.

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One such application is a portable, lightweight, strong and compact stage system manufactured under the Revostage brand. Using production techniques and methods already available in-house the stage can be manufactured to the highest of standards providing a new market opportunity for the company. The Revostage has seen great success but customer feedback indicated the requirement for a stage that stands taller than the current system and consequently a hand rail system was developed to comply with health and safety regulations.

Panel Systems developed a hand rail system in-house capable of being retro fitted as a separate, modular unit to the existing stage design, however there were some concerns as to the durability and the reliability of the construction of the rails. Fripp Design and Research were tasked with re-designing and resolving this hand rail system which had to cope with the many various options that the modular staging system provided.

The project went through several stages including a feasibility study for several early concepts and resulted in a robust system able to cope with all that the staging system could throw at it. Due to production volumes, production costs were considered from the start and aluminium extrusions and CNC machining featured heavily in the design.