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Fripp Design and Research recognised an opportunity to improve the profitability of bulk purchase retailers who display goods on pallets in store.

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CHEP are the worlds largest equipment pooling system company which, in essence, is the loan and management of Pallets (CHEP Pallets are famously Blue and are used by the majority of FMCG suppliers and retailers).

Many retailers use Pallets to display fast moving goods to save time and the risk of damaging goods when moving them from a truck into their store. The problem is that Pallets do look unsightly in store and a manufacturers packaging is not always designed to sell the benefits of the product for sale.

Fripp Design and Research recognised these two problems and came up with the solution; PalletSign. PalletSign is a point of sale strip which clips on to the Pallet and allows retailers to insert point of sale information such as 'special offers', '2 for 1' etc.  As a Point of Sale system for Pallets, Pallet Sign is very tough; you can see how tough it is on YouTube.

The result is the Pallets are hidden from view, smartening up the store; and retailers & manufacturers have a sales tool to help promote their products to customers too.