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Overton (UK) Ltd - braking system.

Fripp Design and Research were approached by Overton (UK) Limited to add a pressure release braking system to its' Street Barrow.

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Overton (UK) Ltd is a specialist manufacturer of outdoor litter picking equipment aimed at local authorities.  The company already produce an innovative street barrow that stands out amongst its rivals for ease of movement, manoeuvrability up and down kerbs and also the ergonomic 'crook handle' design.  Overton (UK) Ltd approached Fripp Design and Research to improve the barrow's safety benefits further by incorporating a pressure release brake so that when an operator lets go of the barrow, the barrow cannot move. 

The most complex part of this project was to ensure that the barrow would stop on a variety of surfaces including wet pavements and muddy paths.  After replicating the existing design of the Street Barrow in 3D CAD and undertaking thorough research, Fripp Design and Research presented a large selection of innovative concepts to Overton (UK) Ltd and a system was developed that simply and effectively halts the barrow, whilst adding minimal cost to the production of the unit. 

Overton (UK) Ltd have benefitted from the value that good design can bring and in doing so have a product that surpasses its competitors even further with a real competitive advantage in the market.  By developing a wide range of concepts, Fripp Design and Research identified the optimum solution to the problem and by making the design capable of being retro fitted to existing Street Barrows, Overton (UK) Ltd can further extend their product offering to existing and new customers.