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Mantra Medical.

Mantra Medical approached Fripp Design & Research with a requirement to develop their innovative Blood Pressure Cuff Cleaning system

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Mantra Medical are pioneers in the healthcare market. Their goal is to eradicate the spread of infection within hospitals through innovative products.

Fripp Design and Research were commissioned to design and develop a blood pressure cuff disinfecting device, the objective being to eliminate the possibility of cross infection when taking blood pressure.

A key feature of the design is the use of Ultra Violet (UV) light to cleanly and effectively disinfect the cuff from harmful microbes.  The brief was to design a device which ensures operator safety and patient protection.

The project included:

  • Research: A thorough investigation into the market and the issues associated with operating UV light devices. This also included the identification of the right electronics design partner
  • Concept Design: A broad range of concept development, culminating in a refined final concept design
  • Generation of CAD Models: To visualise the form and general arrangement
  • Project Management; coordinating the design activity with the sub contracted electronic design partner

Fripp Design and Research have built a solid professional relationship with Mantra Medical and continue to develop this and other health related innovations for them