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LBBC Technologies are the global market leader in the design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of advanced autoclave systems.

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Serving a range of clients who provide for industries including automotive and aerospace, the product in question is the globally recognised LBBC Boilerclave®. LBBC Technologies not only design, supply and maintain the core machine but in providing a turnkey solution to the end user, cover many of the services and equipment required for the everyday running.  One such device is a loading trolley which is used to transport the moulds from their production line to the autoclave.

The existing design of trolley is often not found to be appropriate for the multitude of tasks and environmental conditions found within the typical factory setting in which the Boilerclaves® are used.  LBBC Technologies had a requirement to redesign the existing trolley taking into account the demanding environment in which it has to work.  Fripp Design + Research (through the Leeds EDCIC) were tasked to develop  concepts to demonstrate potential aesthetics and functioning aspects of the new design in 3D CAD as well as provide photorealistic presentation images.  This project is ongoing and will be moving onto prototyping of the designs in the near future.