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Key Technology.

Key Technology (now a subsidiary of Cammax) is one of the UK's best known public access touch screen terminal manufacturers.

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Fripp Design and Research and Key Technology have worked together since the very start of Fripp Design and Research where Fripp has played a hand in the design and development of several of the companies extensive product range.

One such kiosk is the Eko kiosk, a small, rugged floor standing unit which originally was developed with a touch screen as its primary UI. The need soon arose for a strong, purpose built keyboard for the Eko kiosk which had to meet DDA compliance rules and regulations which placed the keyboard at a height suitable for wheelchair access which is roughly toddler head height. One such user environment for the newly designed keyboard unit was within children's centres but due to kiosk manufacturing volumes the only viable material for the new unit was sheet steel. Therefore the new keyboard had to be made to inflict the minimum amount of injury as possible should a collision occur.

Fripp Design and Research was tasked with designing the keyboard and successfully developed the form and specification which is now produced as a popular option on the Eko kiosk unit. The unit has curved sides and an impact resistant bump strip running around all of the exposed corners to limit injury.