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Kent Community Health Trust.

Fripp Design and Research were approached by a senior member of Kent Community Health Trust.

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The trust manufactures a specialist product which is made by hand. The Trust wanted to know if it would be feasible to automate the manufacture using an appropriate 3D printing technology for their production needs.

After several workshop/brainstorming sessions it became clear that an entirely new production process was required, in particular one that was capable of working with very high performance materials in a fast, efficient and flexible fashion to produce high quality medical devices in a new and innovative way.

Due to reasons of commercial and patient confidentiality specific information on this project cannot be divulged at this stage however Fripp Design and research continue to play a key role in the development of this product.

Fripp Design and Research provided a feasibility study for the use of 3D printing and advanced 3D CAD to provide the necessary product features.  Kent Community NHS Trust in collaboration with Fripp Design and Research are now looking to take the project further and refine the technique and process behind the production, which includes the development of bespoke CAD packages, materials and processes.

Although this project seeks to culminate in a method to produce an advanced manufactured medical device it was approached in the same way as any industrial design problem where a customer has a problem to solve and the device needs designing with materials, volume and user needs in mind.