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iControlHub came to Fripp Design and Research to develop a cost effective, aesthetically pleasing case design for their set top boxes.

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Key to the success of the project was to make sure the case design looked professional, was stylish with a contemporary look and designed to be manufactured to a strict budget.

However the design brief was much more challenging than simple aesthetics. To keep manufacturing costs to an absolute minimum, improve reliability with quieter performance, the client wanted to use as few moving parts as possible.

With this brief in mind, Fripp Design and Research came up with a number of innovative solutions including the use of heat sinks and stainless steel sections for heat dissipation. In addition, as part of minimising manufacturing costs further, the case was designed to have one section mirrored, saving significant tooling costs as well as making accessibility easier during assembly and future maintenance & servicing.

iControlHub received were delivered  an aesthetically pleasing and functional prototype for evaluation and marketing testing.  The prototype was delivered on time and within budget.