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Head Lice Brush.

Linda Bates, a Hull based hair dresser came to Fripp Design and Research with an interesting project. Linda has concern for the number of children that suffer with head lice, simply because of the social stigma of being seen using a lice comb.

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Her idea was to integrate the function of a lice comb into a brush thus taking away the social stigma associated with head lice.

Fripp Design and Reseach took the brief one step further by adding that the manufacturing cost of the solution should be no greater than the cost of making an alternative quality brush (without the additional function of the head lice comb), which is what we've achieved.

Beyond the project, Fripp Design and Research have been working with Linda by introducing her to potential clients, Fripp Design and Research have worked with in the past, and helping her to raise the necessary funds to take the brush through to manufacture.