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Harfield Components.

Fripp Design and Research design a new drinking beaker to help Dementia Sufferers and the elderly maintain their independence.

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Harfield Components Ltd, a family-run business, is the UK's leading manufacturer and distributor of polycarbonate tableware with nearly 50 years experience of supplying the public sector. Harfield approached Fripp Design and Research to design a  two handed beaker to improve the lives of those who find it difficult to use conventional cups and beakers.

The brief from the client was very specific; the beaker had to have:

  • Two large handles to cater for a variety of hand sizes
  • A smooth curved design to reduce the risk of injury
  • Cut outs to reduce sliding on flat services
  • A tapered top so the lid can be pushed in and secured to reduce spills

What we did:

  • Market research was carried out regarding beakers and the challenges impaired users might come across while drinking
  • Following the research we submitted a range of two handed beakers designed to cater for the client's needs, all of which needed to be easy to mould and comfortable to hold
  • After a number of iterations the chosen design was finalised so it could then be taken into CAD Design
  • The beaker was then produced in CAD and all necessary draft angles were added for production

In addition, we incorporated measurement graduations on the front showing 50 - 250 ml to help those who need specific amounts of liquid in the cup.

The end result was 'production ready' CAD with the beaker now in production.