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Inventor client FrogzLegz approached Fripp Design and Research with an interesting and fun concept for kids

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Based upon their passion and drive to get more kids swimming and ensuring learning to swim is a joyful experience for kids and adults alike, FrogzLegz see that learning to swim, as an adult, is as important as learning as a youngster. As well as providing proven results, their innovation gives adult swimming lessons time saving benefits too.

The concept brought to Fripp Design and Research was based upon sound and thorough fundamental research carried out by the client.  Gary, a teacher by profession, came up with the idea for the novel swimming aid that simply allowed learners to be more efficient and effective at breast stroke swimming, meaning the learning curve was much shorter.

The concept at that stage was an idea and it was up to the design team to take Gary through the process of concept to reality.  Sketch work enabled the idea to become something which the client could see on paper.  Through several valuable feedback sessions the concepts were formed into a resolved solution that, with the aid of 2D and 3D CAD, was transformed into "Virtual Reality".  Using state of the art rendering software the client was then able to see a photorealistic impression of the idea, before committing to a prototype. The Design team at Fripp Design and Research used their vast experience of processes to identify that 2D techniques such as Die-cutting, CNC knife-cutting and digital printing would add significant cost and time benefits to the project, not only in the early prototyping stages but also in production. The client has recently successfully applied for Patent and is looking to raise further investment via crowd funding to enable FrogzLegz to come to market soon.