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F1 Showcars.

F1 Showcars are a successful racing car and bike simulation hiring company based in Sheffield.

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They supply full sized formula 1 simulator cars and formula 1 display cars for hire, giving any event a taste of the fast life with their incredible F1 driving simulator and outstanding display cars; including formula one replica cars.

F1 showcars approached Fripp Design And Research with the task of designing a bespoke steering wheel to be used in their F1 simulator car, the design had to include some key features to take advantage of the simulator software; in addition the design had to reflect the excitement of the F1 Showcars brand too.

Fripp Design and Research undertook market research, thorough concept development, CAD modelling, photo realistic CAD rendering and a 3D colour prototype.

The project culminated in a series of realistic CAD renders and a 3D model, this enabled F1 Showcars to gain valuable and insightful market feedback before taking the design to manufacture.