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Alignmatic - A Story On Lines.

Decor Systems approached Fripp Design & Research to help them develop a mechanism for part of an innovative and revolutionary roller blind system.

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“We are finding that the new AlignMatic roller blind is perfectly answering an age old problem of beautiful facades being spoiled by untidy blinds. We are very grateful to our development team, including Fripp Design & Research, for helping us create this breakthrough product.”

Decor Systems were conscious that architects often designed stunning building facades which were subsequently spoilt by the occupants leaving the blinds in a variety of open or closed positions. What they wanted was a system that only allowed the blinds to stop at a couple of pre-set levels, so that each blind would automatically align with the adjacent blind.  This was already possible with a sophisticated motorised system like Acovo®, but the challenge was to create the same effect with an inexpensive manually operated blind.

Fripp Design & Research took Decor Systems initial ideas for the mechanism and developed them; working collaboratively right through multiple stages of prototyping to manufacture.  This mechanism was then incorporated into the other innovations that Decor Systems had developed. The final result was the patent pending AlignMatic™ roller blind, a world first.

Work undertaken by Fripp Design & Research included:

• Research
• Concept Design
• Design Development
• Initial Prototyping
• Further Development

Decor Systems are very pleased with the finished AlignMatic™ blind and excited about the interest it is generating in the design world. Decor Systems Director Hugh McCreadie commented