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Clean Green Pallets.

Grimsby based Clean Green Pallet Company gave Fripp Design and Research an interesting challenge; how to design a new type of wire framed pallet which is capable of, both, racking and stacking.

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Pallets are traditionally made of wood and are designed to be used with Fork Lift trucks. This means a compromise in their stacking capability leading to large volumes of space when Pallets are transported on trucks. What Clean Green Pallet required was a metal framed Pallet capable of racking and stacking (which will last much longer than an equivalent wooden pallet, can carry heavier loads and, most importantly, are very hygenic to re use).

This has been one of the most challenging design projects undertaken by Fripp Design and Research because the solution had to be as good as existing wooden pallets, in terms of racking and strength, but had to be capable of being stacked to reduce the costs of transportation; thus reducing the carbon footprint of distributing goods from A to B.

As part of the design process, we had to analyse loads and stresses on the design (using Finite Element Analysis), to reduce the risk of stress failure when the design went to prototyping.

Beyond the project we also found a sub contract manufacturer capable of manufacturing the volumes needed and Clean Green Pallet were successful in raising a 5 figure sum to help take the Pallet to market.