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Fripp Design and Research understand the importance of research and will undertake a broad range of research projects, feasibility studies and prototyping.

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"Fripp Design and Research are proud to be recognised as an official Research Technology Organisation through our membership of AIRTO"


"Like building a house, thorough and comprehensive research provides the best foundations to successful design projects"

According to Wikipedia, Product Design is defined as "the idea generation, concept development, testing and manufacturing or implementation of a product".

Before product design ideas can be generated and basic product concepts can be readied it is important that thorough research is conducted into a variety of areas related to the design brief. This research forms the underpinnings of any sound and thorough design project directing its concepts and providing solutions, justification and answers to issues that inevitably crop up throughout the course of a project.

But for us, research goes beyond Design. Design is an integral part of the entire commercial life cycle of any product or service. For Fripp Design and Research, our research skills takes us beyond the realm of design methods, materials, manufacturing processes etc, it takes us into the world of business research, identifying commercial opportunities for us and our clients. It takes us into the world of fundamental research where we have helped clients, such as the University of Sheffield, secure six figure funding to collaborate with us on new rapid manufacturing methods.

Fripp Design and Research will undertake a broad range of research projects specifically focusing on your target markets, your competitor products, why customers buy from you (and also why they don't), relevant iconic products, trends, fashions and specific manufacturing technologies that we believe will give you the competitive edge.

We can also work with you to help you in your application to secure research funding to take your project forward too.

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