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Concept Mapping.

For those who are new to the world of new product development, the journey can appear challenging. With a decade of experience, Fripp Design and Research have a well developed methodology to explain how best to maximise the opportunity for success.

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"Concept Mapping is a way to articulate the design journey to those who are new to design and New Product Development"

With a decade of experience in helping individuals and businesses to develop new products, Fripp Design and Research articulate this for clients through our Concept Mapping services.

As a design company that has delivered upwards of 1,000 design projects, we understand that commissioning design work can be a daunting prospect.  Where will it lead? How much will it cost? How much involvement will I have? What is 3D CAD? What will my prototype look like?  Will my product sell?  These are all very good questions. However, until a design project has been completed, none of these questions can be answered and yet time and therefore money has to be dedicated before the design process is complete and you are ready to sell. Therefore the design process represents a financial risk. This is where our Concept Mapping services come in.

With our Concept Map service Fripp Design and Research will create a design brief, dedicate a designer to your design project and deliver a document which details how we will deliver your project, what areas of research need to be covered, what the risks are likely to be, how expensive is prototyping likely to be and who do we know that can help you get the product to market.

Our standard Concept Mapping service is completed within 1 business day for a fixed fee of £500* and provides you with a no obligation overview for your design project that means you can take a well educated decision to proceed with the necessary design work or simply walk away if the risks look too great.  Either way, you will have the necessary tools to be able to understand the process and what it means for your project.

For an additional fee of £600* we will provide our Concept Map + Service.  This provides you with all the benefits of a standard Concept Map but includes a web data search that provides an insight into how many people are searching for the features of your concept.  Not only will this indicate the scale of the market opportunity but it will also provide information that will guide the features of the design to maximise its market potential.

Based on a Concept Map and Concept Map +, Fripp Design and Research are then able to offer a complete design service with sequential and tailored stages starting from as little as £250.00+VAT.

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*Excluding VAT