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Applied Industrial Design.

AppliedIDTM is a service developed to help clients commercialise their medical device projects beyond the design stage.

Our own success is based on this capability.

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"The application of industrial design into solving patient specific challenges is a monumental design task. We love designing consumer products that put smiles on people's faces. However knowing that your design skills can make fundamental differences to a persons life is extremely fulfilling for us all at Fripp Design and Research"

As a commercial business Fripp Design and Research know how to turn opportunities into commercial products and services that work. 

We are innovators who understand that Industrial Design is an integral part of a complex process to get products successfully to market.  Our expertise in design, technical project management and advanced/additive manufacture allows us to take our creativity, experience and expertise to the next level; by uniquely integrating high technology manufacturing techniques into the core specification of products and materials. This is what Fripp Design and Research define as the Commercial Application of Industrial Design; or Applied IDTM for short.

Projects that make the best use of Applied Industrial Design have culminated in the development of several unique bespoke devices, especially in the area of medical devices who's attributes greatly improve the quality of life for their user; whilst reducing their overall cost through the automation of, traditional, hand-made production processes.

Applied Industrial Design has its routes in the collaborative projects we are undertaking with leading UK Universities. Fripp Design and Research are recognised as experts in the areas of Industrial Design, Rapid Prototyping and Rapid Manufacturing techniques and it is in these areas of expertise that Universities value Fripp Design and Research’s input; in essence we help Universities and commercial clients to gain commercial value and competitiveness out of their Intellectual Property.

Fripp Design and Research Applied Industrial Design services include:

  • Research and Development of the materials and manufacturing techniques needed to gain you the competitive advantage
  • Project Management of the entire Product Development and advanced manufacturing technologies needed to give you the competitive advantage.
  • Scope and Commissioning of Intellectual Property searches.
  • Seek Intellectual Property Rights for all project stakeholders.
  • Seek routes to market to commercialise the Intellectual Property developed.

Because of the strong relationship we have with many of our academic centres of excellence, Fripp Design and Research are the ideal private sector partner for sourcing funding from organisations such as Innovate UK (formally the Technology Strategy Board) and Horizon 20:20; particularly as both organisations emphase the need for having project proposals lead by SME organisations in the private sector. Fripp Design and Research have a track record in leading such collaborations, securing publicly funded grants to help our clients de risk the necessary investment required to commercialise Intellectual Property (IP). 

So, whether you are a University wanting to unleash the potential of your  Intellectual Property portfolio or a business wanting to gain a competitive advantage from your IP; call us on 0114 254 1244 to speak to one of our Applied IDTM experts.