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Reverse Engineering.

Maintaining continuity of supply of key components is critical to any large scale manufacturer of products. Fripp Design and Research have the experience and technology to achieve this.

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"Maintaining a competitive advantage throughout your supply chain is a key parameter to business success"

Reverse Engineering is key to maintaining continuity throughout the supply chain. Fripp Design and Research’s Reverse engineering services ensure continuity of supply as well as exploring new ways to improve profitability

With the advent of modern scanning technologies, computer software, rapid prototyping and a design team with a decade of experience in getting the best from these technologies, Fripp Design and Research have the necessary expertise in ensuring that you maintain up to date data on key components in your product supply chain.

But the service goes beyond this. With the introduction of new methods and materials in product production, Fripp Design and Research can advise and help you develop viable alternatives to historic key components, ensuring extended longevity to products that your customers still have a demand to buy.
As part of this service, we can often find new ways of achieving the desired goal, but at a lower unit cost through re engineering key components.

So, if you have worries about the longevity of your products and brands, come and talk to us about how we can help you to continue to reap the benefits.