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Placement Students - Our Policy

We do not offer placements as we believe the principle goal of an industrial placement is to enhance the learning experience of the student. As we are not professional educators, we do not feel it is appropriate for us to fulfil this role.

If it is of assistance, here are some of the key factors we take into account when recruiting new designers:

  1. Most product/industrial design practices, we know of, standardise on Solidworks and SolidEdge rather than Inventor, Pro Engineer CATIA etc. We recently had a vacancy and had to reject some potentially good candidates because they lacked Solidworks and/or SolidEdge expertise.
  2. We also use Hypershot quite widely (we've just bought another license).
  3. We value, highly, sketching skills as this is where the foundations of a successful project start.
  4. We value, highly, research skills (it is one of the reasons why our vacancy page is well hidden...if you have found this page, well done; you have researched our site and us!).
  5. We expect our designers to have excellent communication skills; we always reject, outright, any CVs with spelling mistakes (attention to detail is an important skill needed by designers).

From all of us at Fripp Design and Research, good luck with your studies; Product Design is a very fulfilling profession.