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"We hope these tips and advice will help you better understand the process in how to select the right design agency for your design project."

Our Approach To Design

How to select the right design agency for your design project.

If you have had a less than satisfactory experience with other product design companies you will find dealing with Fripp Design and Research a refreshing change. We will not tell you what we think you should have but provide you with a range of options so you and your colleagues’ can come to an informed decision. We will take the time to listen to exactly what you need and what your overall objectives are and provide advice and possible solutions in response.

Product Design in Yorkshire is a competitive arena and we realise that we have to work that little bit harder in order to receive your business. Just because we are amongst the leaders in our particular sector this does not mean that we rest on our laurels, we realise that you are only as good as your last customer which is why we constantly endeavour to provide a platinum service time after time regardless of whether you are a one man band or a blue-chip multinational. If you are pleased with the product and service you received from us we hope you will tell your associates about us and maybe continue to use our company if the need arises again. Although our design solutions generally speak for themselves we realise the untold benefits of a word of mouth recommendation and would appreciate any feedback that you can provide that would enable us to improve our all round service.

There are many companies out there, particularly on the internet, that do provide a number of effective design solutions for certain sectors but really do not cover the full scope of services that a 21st Century business demands. Fripp Design and Research fill this creativity gap. Our advice when embarking on a design process for a new product is to source your proposed product design consultants with care. Call them in the first instance and attempt to ascertain their expertise in the particular sector where their expertise is required. Another way of checking a potential provider’s credentials is to ask for a checkable list of customer testimonials, any company that is unwilling or unable to comply with this relatively simple request should be approached with extreme caution or perhaps avoided altogether.

Reputable and experienced companies such as Fripp Design and Research will have a list of current or previously satisfied customers detailed on their website and should be more than willing to provide contact details if required.

If a design company quotes you a price that seems too good to be true then the chances are it probably is. We would advise you to ask about hidden charges or additional fees contained in the dreaded small print before signing any contractual agreement, there are few things worse than receiving a quotation for a service only to find the final price is a significant percentage above what you had budgeted for. Another real consideration that must be considered before engaging the services of a quality design firm is your budget. We would advise you to set a budget and stick to it rigidly.

For Fripp Design and Research the concept design is almost as important as the product design engineering itself as it opens up the design to a world of endless possibilities without boundaries. The process of Concept design is an important process as it allows exploring the possible and looking at the various options available and only reverts to the probable when we need to deal with the inevitable real world constraints. The development of concepts is an extremely complex process and involves a great deal of discipline as well as boundless amounts of creative input.

Brainstorming is probably the first method employed in order to get the juices flowing and ensure that every idea is heard and expanded upon for its merits. Another method we employ at the early stages of concept design is sketching; this sometimes underrated method of idea communication is an essential skill for any design company who wish to articulate their ideas and give the client or stakeholder an accurate representation of what they are actually getting for their money and whether it equates to their business image needs and the requirements of their target audience.

CAD Rendering and CAD product design is also a very important tool in relaying initial ideas and potential design solutions to a potential client, as well as giving stakeholders a more detailed representation of the finished product it also displays to them a level of technical expertise. Call us today and push the boundaries of your product idea!

Fripp Design and Research also pride themselves on providing a bespoke product design service according to a customers specific requirements and not what we think would be the best solution. Along with our competitors we do use the more conventional design methodologies but unlike them we really will push the concept boundaries to the edge and beyond if the job requires it. Not only do we base our service on outstanding product design graphics but also the unrivalled level of customer service we provide.

If we are fortunate enough to be selected by you as a partner we will keep you informed throughout every step of the process so you know exactly what you’re getting for your money. If you do not understand anything we will take time to explain in the simplest terms possible, no industry specific jargon just straightforward, easy to understand explanations.

The price you are quoted is the price you will pay, no hidden charges and no reference to any ‘small print’, just a quality service at a competitive price. If you need any help whatsoever or require any advice as to the feasibility of your design request, we are here to help. Our staff may make some recommendations but you are under absolutely no obligation to act upon them, although it is worth bearing in mind that they have the necessary experience to know what works and what doesn’t for a large number of sectors.

As a leading product design company we also pride ourselves on the management aspect of the process. There are many well documented cases of innovative companies having great creative and technological abilities only to fail because of the poor management. We are constantly improving our process procedures and ways of working in order to give our valued clients value for money within an acceptable timeframe.

Our experienced product management team is well versed and possesses considerable experience in quantifying potential problems, outlining specific requirements and functions and also validating the solutions. This particular team is focused on the market and the customers’ exact business needs, if you require any further information about this element of our business please do not hesitate to contact us. Your call or e-mail will be greeted with genuine enthusiasm and a willingness to help; you will not be speaking to a machine but to a product design consultant with the necessary skills and experience to address any queries you may have.

Some of these elements of management are also encompassed within the consultancy services we offer; please see the relevant page on our website to see what the consultancy element of our work entails. If you have any suggestions as to how we can improve the level of information detailed on our website please contact us, we depend on your feedback in order to maintain and sustain our own high standards and ultimately provide a better all round service for all.

Our range of current clients is almost as diverse as the product design work we do so you needn’t think your particular sector is not within our remit. Our clients come from all sectors from baby care right through to public access touch screen terminals so whatever you needs are you can be sure that we will have the solution. In order to maintain and improve our own high standards we need to adhere to a number of essential elements in the design of every product, careful research being the most important. A basic overview of this essential prerequisite can be broken down into sections including:

  • Safety - Every product designed by Fripp is done with safety in mind, both for the end user and every interim stakeholder that comes into contact with the design.
  • Form - How something feels and looks is just as essential in the design process as its overall functionality, people’s taste changes over time and our designs reflects this need for variety.
  • Function - The user friendliness of a product is also an essential consideration in any design.
  • Target Market - The audience for whom the design is intended is also a crucial part of any design and critical to its success in the home and the wider market.
  • Materials - With new technology and manufacturing techniques we never limit ourselves to just traditional materials, if the material fits in with the overall design we will use it.
  • Costs - Like any business we constantly monitor costs, these include but are not limited to: materials, tooling and also the quality and the assembly of the products.

Like many companies we do rely on tried and tested methods of product design and development but also welcome the opportunity to take that step into the unknown. Painstaking research combined with creative minds form the mainstay of our company ethos and combined with latest technology make us the only choice for a fresh approach to creative product design. Within our company, design is at the heart of everything we do and this is amply reflected by the huge range of creative products whose basic form and function can be transformed into user friendly features which benefit both you and your customers. Using the latest technology we have both the means and professional acumen to cater for your rapid prototyping needs, rapid manufacturing needs and also the design for your visualisation; physical and virtual.

As every Marketing specialist will probably concur, a certain product no matter how functional will only hold a consumers attention for a limited amount of time which is why the design and functionality of a product must be constantly tweaked and rejuvenated in order to attain a long term interest. A fresh approach to design is what we offer and as our clients will testify every target audience like something new and groundbreaking in everything they buy. For examples of how we can help you and your company to grow please check out the case study detailed on our website. Whatever your industry, whatever your requirements, call us today for a different perspective.