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"Innovation is the commercial exploitation of knowledge in all its forms"


"Our mission is creating products that give our clients that competitive advantage"


"Competitive advantage, for us, is about creating products that appeal to customers, at the most competitive price to manufacture, with exceptional quality built in as the norm"

About Fripp Design and Research

Fripp Design and Research is a fresh and dynamic product design, research and business consultancy. Fripp Design and Research has built up a reputation of delivering brief pushing innovative solutions for our clients. Get in touch to see how we can help you.

Product Design and Industrial Design is the application of both art and science to develop goods with mutual benefit to users and manufacturers. Good product design and industrial design should take into account user requirements, desires, market forces, material processes, constraints, engineering and manufacturing requirements.

To place such requirements into a succinct process, individual product design and industrial design skills and technologies are used to allow the product development to be as efficient as possible whilst still allowing for creativity and innovation. It is this range of highly developed skills, genuinely fresh creativity, experience of and access to the latest technology that Fripp Design and Research are able to bring to the development of any product design.

Formed in 2004 by Steve Roberts and Tom Fripp, Fripp Design and Research have spent over a decade delighting clients helping them to get their new product developments to market. Fripp Design and Research's team have built an enviable reputation in all areas of product design and industrial design and are able to apply their knowledge to any stage of a product development; from blue sky concept right down to the fine details of complex highly engineered products.

This knowledge base has recently been recognised by our membership of the Association of Independant Research and Technology Organisations (AIRTO). In addition Fripp Design and Research can provide design services as part of Innovate UK's Innovation Voucher programme.

And as Fripp Design and Research develop our own intellectual property, we have all the necessary commercial expertise and experience in research and business administration too.