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A Change of Direction 

After 11 years of Product Design we are taking a different direction; bringing our Silicone 3D Print Technology to market - Picsima

When we set the company up, it was always planned to develop our own Intellectual Property. After many aborted attempts (and many lessons learnt) we finally came through with the breakthrough that has grabbed the attention of the 3D Print world.

Picsima is a breakthrough technology that takes existing silicone materials and 3D Prints them (rather than mould). The applications are wide and the interest significant.

Currently the company has a 'proof of concept test rig' which demonstrates how to 3D Print silicone and has been used to make numerous test parts for third parties; there is definitely the appetitie and market to 3D Print silicones.

In 2016, the company made a Grant application to Innovate UK to cointinue the development of the technology and in October 2017 the Grant was awarded. It was at this point that the company took the decision to focus its time and resources to developing Picsima through to commercialisation.

To all our customers, thank you for your business and the many exciting projects that were brought to us; we wish everyone of them success for the future.

The Future Direction For Fripp Design And Research

Picsima is a disruptive technology. It's key USP is taking existing silicones (specifically two part curing platinum silcones) and 3D prints them, rather than moulding. This is important because Picsima does not require the creation of new materials to make it work, it simply takes materials that are already approved (Medical/Industrial/Food) and simply 3D Prints them.

This will save customers time, money and introduce new design freedoms to create products that simply cannot be made in a mould. To find out more about the Picsima technology please click here.

We're Recruiting!

Historically our expertise has been in developing ideas through to prototype. The skills we now need to develop Picsima are in the field of engineering, robotics, G-code generation and material science. If you are a designer with a background in any of these disciplines, we want to hear from you (agencies are welcome as well). Those who have direct experience in 3D Printer developments (software or hardware) are specifically welcome. 

Please email with a CV and a covering letter and we will get in touch.