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We live and breathe the world of Industrial Design, Product Design, Medical Device Design and Additive Manufacture.

We love design, particularly when our product design expertise gives our clients an "unfair" competitive advantage. Over the years we have helped our clients generate 7 figure returns from our industrial design and product design output, something we are very proud to be part of. Our services extend from Inventors who need help and support through the entire process of bringing a new product to market, to SMEs requiring new product development to gain a competitive edge, through to Corporate Clients who need a design partner that is innovative, reliable and used to working with immovable deadlines.

To find out how we can exceed your product design, industrial design and concept design expectations please call 0114 254 1244 (Sheffield Design Studio) or feel free to contact us via the website.

Welcome to Fripp Design and Research. We are a Product Design and Research Consultancy offering product design, applied industrial design, concept design, product development and research including concept development, CAD realisation, rapid prototyping and research services. Our design studio is based in the Advanced Manufacturing Park Technology Centre in Sheffield and we have a London office based in Chiswick. Since 2004 we have been living and breathing product design and development and have developed product designs for customers in a multitude of markets and industries. Not only do we do Design, we help many of our clients in the areas of Research, Intellectual Property protection and Business Development too. Please browse our portfolio to see case studies explaining the variety of design disciplines and other services we can offer you.

Our skill set goes beyond design. For the past decade we have helped our clients get the best from a variety of rapid prototyping technologies culminating in the development of our own 3D Print technology Picsima. With Picsima we can offer the rapid prototyping of silicone rubbers in a variety of colours and softness.  

We at Fripp Design and Research realise and understand the importance of product design to you and the need to provide value for money, whatever size organisation you are and whatever your budget may be. Therefore we take a staged approach to Industrial Design and Product Design. We commercially engage with you one stage at a time; at any stage you can decide to pause your project, so you are in control of your budget as your project develops. So, whether your budget is £250 or £250,000 please click here to see how we can help you achieve your new product development goal